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Access policy for samples and data

Access to the biological material stored at Genome Database of Latvian population (LGDB) is carried out according to regulations of the Republic of Latvia: Human Genome Research Law and associated Regulations of Cabinet of Ministers No. 695.

Legal acts available here.

In principal access could be granted:

  • For the research that is in accordance with legal acts of the Republic of Latvia;
  • For the access the confirmation form Central Medical Ethics committee of Latvia need to be obtained to verify accordance of the intended research with ethical norms;
  • For the research that is in accordance with informed consent that is signed by the donor of the biological material, taking in to account any restrictions that donor has imposed on the use of the biological material or data;
  • The material transfer outside the Republic of Latvia is carried out according to state legal norms and restrictions that donor has imposed.

Access procedure:

Contact LGDB responsible personnel that will inform about access procedures and clarify the necessary sample/data availability; Submit sample/data application form (will be provided by the LGDB personnel); Sign agreement for MTA/DTA (in contact with the LGDB personnel); Samples will be prepared and shipped in accordance with the information in Samples/data application form and MTA/DTA.

Sample of MTA/DTA available: here

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