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Student research studies

  • Use of data for student research studies

Resources of Genome Database of Latvian population are available for use in student research studies in fields of medicine, biology, and other related themes.

Topics available for student research work:

  • Use of medication in relation to athropometric measurments, health and heredity information.

Use of daily medication in relation to age and gender. Which diagnoses are associated with regular drug consumtion? Which phenotypes have more frequent drug use?


  • Hereditary risk of oncological diseases in Latvian population.

If patient has ocological disease how many first degree relatives have cancer? Is it necessary for family doctors to inquire about family anamnesis, to perform more intensive screening and improve early diagnosis?


  • Anthropometric measurements in association to obesity and related diagnosis.

Waist circumference in age and geneder groups, association with cholesterol, glucose measuremetns, physical activities and heart and coronary diseases.


  • Alterations in cholesterol metabolism.

At what age people have increase in cholesterol level? Are these people always overweight? Is there association with glucose level? Does people using hypolipidemic drugs have lower average cholesterol level?


The procedures to carry out study research works using Genome Database:

  • Contact personnel of Genome Database or by telephone Vita Rovīte +371 67473083 (during working hours) and agree on study work procedures
  • Prepare work plan, apprise needed resources and agree upon period for performing of study work and expected results
  • Obtain approval from independent ethics committee
  • Perform research study
  • Submit report for the study to Genome Database of Latvian population

Research is carried out by student independently, Genome Database does not carry out free off charge consultations in statistics