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How can I find out the research results?

How can I learn about research results of my sample?

You need to write application to the State population genome registry, The Centre of Disease Prevention and Control, Duntes Str. 22, k-5, Riga, Latvia, LV1005. In the application you need to state the you want to learn about the research that has been performed with your sample, as well as your name, surname, personal ID number and address of residence in time of enrolment.

The availability of research results depends on whether your sample have been included in any study project. The sample could be used for the first time even after 10 years from recruitment. The participation in Genome Database of Latvian population is voluntarily and mostly benefits society, science and studies of human health. If your sample has been studied, you can learn about the results through application to Genome registry, if the research on your sample have been performed based on the application you will be informed. If you plan to learn about the results of the study it is crucial to save your copy of informed consent.