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Recruitment process

How any adult of the Latvian population can participate in the biobank?

Recruitment process

It is possible to participate in Genome Database of Latvian population in framework of specific research project or as a donor just for biobank.

To enrol as a donor for biobank: you will need to sign informed consent, donate blood and complete questionnaire about heath and heredity information. If you would like to voluntarily donate blood for research, please, contact our personnel through email:, or by phone +371 67473083 (during working hours). Personnel will inform you about enrolment process and appoint the time and place for recruitment visit that is more appropriate to you (currently enrolment is carried out only in Riga).

To enrol in framework of specific research project: follow the information on website of Genome Database about active research projects and in case of interest, please, contact our personnel via email:, or by phone +371 67473083 (during working hours).

Recruitment process:

During enrolment specifically trained medical personnel will introduce aims of Genome Database and explain recruitment procedures, processing and maintenance of samples and data and how the collected samples can be used in research. After your voluntarily agreement, medical personnel will help you to fill informed consent form. Certified nurse will collect samples of your venous blood, just in regular venepuncture process in blood tests (three blood tubes will be collected). Trained personnel will interview you about questions related to your health, for example, gender, age, diseases you or your blood relatives have suffered.

You will be recruited to Genome Database.